Staff Motivation Issues? Try Incentives

If you have a lot of employees that look like they would rather be somewhere else, it can be a nightmare. Productivity is low, enthusiasm is even lower, and there is an impending sense of doom about the workplace.

But the thing is, it is your fault. Demotivated staff need to be incentivized. And here’s how to do it.

Understand The Issues

When you hire people, it can be hard to understand that they just don’t have the passion for your company as you do. If they are demotivated and don’t really care, it’s because they think you don’t really care about them.

Maybe you hire them and pay them less than a living wage. Maybe you exploit them by expecting too much for the pittance you barely give them back in return. Maybe they do work hard for you – but only up to the point where it makes sense to. Perhaps there could be some kind of leeway.

Invite all your staff in for a one-to-one meeting. Ask them about how they feel about the work they do for you. You might be shocked – or even angry – at their responses. But take it on the chin, and make a note of everything. If you have a lot of staff issues, it needs to be addressed, and quickly.


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Develop Solutions

Work with your managers to come up with a plan. Draw a line across the sand, and promise yourself you are going to make it work. Look at every aspect of your business and see where people are getting run down. Is the customer service department overworked? Is the sales office consistently failing to meet targets? Do the production staff feel as if they are the organ grinder’s monkey?

All of these are very serious issues. They are a sign that your business is in trouble. And to get out of the rut you are going to need people to help you out of there. Your solutions should be based on the bigger picture.

Maybe you have heard from customer service that there are complaints about a particular product. If the production team have told you they have a multitude of problems making that product, then you have a target to aim for.

And, all of a sudden, your different teams will realise that their voices are being heard. The result? Instant incentivization.


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Train Your Staff

One of your solutions will, undoubtedly, involve staff training. But staff training shouldn’t just be used as a way of getting you out of the quicksand. You should use it as a way to incentivize them and to grow in their own career. Not many people will want to work in your business for the rest of their lives. Understand this.

Now let them know you understand this. Get your admin staff on a Microsoft Excel 2013 training course if you think it will help them make a spreadsheet quicker. They will understand their job better, will feel like you value them, and will have learned a new skill that you benefit from.

Tell Bob from accounts that if he wants that job with Coca-Cola you will be happy to lay on some training for him if he agrees to give you a couple of years afterwards. Once he is qualified, he will be better placed to train his replacement.

Incentives come in all shapes and all sizes. But helping people get on in their lives is just about the best one there is.


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