Are Your Sales Falling? Simple Tricks To Make More Sales Online

Have you noticed that your sales are slowing down on your eCommerce site? Many entrepreneurs find that, after the first six months of business, their sales decrease. If that is happening to you, you need to make sure that you sell more online. If you are losing sales, your current strategy is failing you. Ditch it. Get a new strategy so that you can improve your situation. Using a few simple tricks, you can get your business back on track.

Trick 1 – Use a split testing strategy

To find out what works best for your website, you should use a split testing strategy. That means that you test two separate techniques in tandem. For example, if you are struggling to find the right voice for your website, you could consider testing two voices. Set up two sites, each with a different content tone, and see which gets more hits (and sales) over the course of a month. You can do this with any aspect of your website. This trick is an easy way to find out what your consumer wants and what is most effective for your company.


Credit to Duncan Hull

Trick 2 – Get reviews on your eCommerce site

When a customer is happy with your services, you need that in writing. Make sure that you have a review page on your site. Ask customers to leave you a review about your services. One of the main reasons customers don’t buy from sites online is because they can’t trust them. When people see that you are trustworthy, they will buy from you. You can filter reviews and show only positive reviews on your main page. That way, people will see that many other people have used you in the past.

Trick 3 – Social media advertising

Everybody is on board when it comes to social media marketing, but what about social media advertising? Few people realize the impact advertising could have on their website. The easiest place to start when you are looking to buy some advertising space is Facebook. The site sells ‘suggested post’ adverts to companies across the globe. Facebook is awesome for advertising as the site has all the information it needs to target specific users. You can choose your specific demographic based on their age, gender and even marital status. For example, if you sell wedding rings, you could target people who have recently changed their status to engaged.

Trick 4 – Improve your site’s SEO

Some people think that SEO is a form of dark witchcraft. There is no major mystery when it comes to SEO. The people who are experts in the field take the time to understand various algorithms so that they can boost certain websites. Attempting to improve your SEO yourself is harder than it might sound. It is unlikely that you have the time to stay up to date with the latest advancements in the field. Instead, you should hire experts from an ecommerce seo company to help you boost your page.

Trick 5 – Customize each description

When you write a description for products on your site, what do you do? If you copy text straight from the manufacturer guide, you will drive your sales down. Half the battle, when it comes to sales, is telling people about your products. You need to make your products sound exciting and intriguing. If you are lazy when it comes to writing descriptions, you will lose out on business. Make sure that your company has a tone or a voice so that it has personality. Write each description in that tone. For example, if you are a wedding company, you might want to write in a formal, yet creative tone. You should use words like “wonderful” and “magical” in your descriptions to entice people to buy products.