Are Offline Methods of Marketing More Important than Online Strategies?

Okay, in the digital age, the mere thought of forgoing online marketing campaigns is ridiculous. It seems that people have forgotten about offline strategies. Why? The onset of the e-boom has resulted in more people marketing via the internet. This is a must-have strategy for any marketer in 2014 and beyond. You cannot forgo internet marketing. But you also need to re-embrace offline means too.

The two can co-exist in harmony. You need to utilise these long forgotten methods of offline marketing in your company.


Image Author: Reuben Whitehouse

Guerrilla Marketing

It’s time to get old school. Use guerrilla tactics for marketing your business or services. These are more unconventional methods of marketing. However, they are often brilliant ways of promoting your services. Flex your offline muscle by leaving flyers in bars. Leave a branded pen in a library. Use a chalkboard and signposts outside your office. Give out printed bookmarks to local bookshops. Flyer people’s window screens.

This used to be a great method of marketing. It has long been forgotten. Use it once again and resurrect the old-school techniques of years gone by. With so few companies using this kind of marketing, you need to ensure that you are using it to gain prominence. Social media are full of businesses. Consumers have something of a digital overload. Take it back to the former, gentler ways of marketing days gone by. While it’s not fresh or innovative, it will engage people with your brand.


Have you forgotten about signs? If so, why? Signs are the perfect form of advertising and marketing. Billboards and signage can boost your business. After all, humans are visual creatures. Play on this with an eye-catching sign. Utilise search engines and find your perfect signage company. Search by location for better results. For example, business signs Los Angeles will retrieve results in good old LA. Keep it local and ensure that you are doing your bit for the local business community. Strengthen your bonds with localised business. But, make sure that you get a quality sign. They can increase sales and revenue by 40%. The value of signs should never be underestimated.

Speak at Events

Public speaking can send shivers down the spine of many a professional. If you want a fast track to success, you need to get involved with public events and exhibitions. While you can rely on Facebook and signs to sell your product, what about you? You are a marketing guru. Who knows the industry better than you?

Sell your products and services. Ensure that people know about what you do. Public speaking is the best way to do this. You can convey your passion and belief in a more active way. Start small at local events. Build up to the national conventions.

What could be better than engaging with a willing crowd? You don’t have to be TED Talks standard. But, providing an educational base with like minded people is an excellent way to market yourself. After all, people don’t buy from companies. They buy from people. Make sure you are the right person for the job.