4 Ways Technology Can Keep Your Business More Secure

Technology and business go hand in hand. There are numerous ways in which technology has impacted the business world, and one of the biggest is security. Technology now plays a key role in keeping businesses safe from any security threats.


Here are some ways you can help keep your business secure:

CCTV Cameras

Have CCTV installed in your office building, so there’s constant monitoring. With CCTV in place you can spot any suspicious activity and improve your business’s safety. It’s a lot harder for employees to steal from the office if there are cameras everywhere. Likewise, people are less likely to try and break in if they can see it’s guarded by CCTV. You can even link up the CCTV feed to a screen in your office so that you can monitor any suspicious behaviour.

GPS Tracking

Don’t get the wrong idea here, I’m not suggesting you install tracking devices in all your employees! But, if your business has a fleet of vehicles, it can increase security to have them tracked. There are many GPS fleet tracking services that can come in handy for this particular task. Depending on your business, you could have vehicles that transport expensive equipment, so you need to know where they are. Otherwise, it could be easy for someone to drive off in a vehicle and steal all the equipment inside. Tracking will keep your vehicles a lot more safe and secure.

Updated Locks

You should look for new and updated ways to secure the doors in your buildings. One way would be to stop using ‘classic’ key locks and opt for something more advanced. You can get doors with palm recognition software that open by someone placing their hand over a sensor. This means that only people who’ve registered their palms can gain access to your building. It does cost more than other locks, but it’s a lot more secure. The only way an outsider will be able to unlock the door is if they have the have the palm of one of your employees.


(Image via pixabay https://goo.gl/EQqlu7)

Motion Sensors

I’d recommend getting motion sensors installed in your office for added security. This might sound like something out of a spy movie, but it’s fairly common practice. Most buildings come with motion sensor alarms these days. Set them up to be active when no one is supposed to be in the office. If someone is in the office when they shouldn’t be, the motion sensor will pick up on their movement and trigger an alarm. Remember, don’t have them active during office hours or when you have the cleaning staff in. Otherwise, the alarm will end up going off constantly throughout the day!


To make your business a lot more secure, use some of the ideas mentioned here. You want all aspects of your business to be as safe as possible, that includes your office and any transport you own. If you can keep your employees and business assets safe, then you’ve done a great job with security. This is a critical part of any business, and should be taken very seriously.